Q: What if my abstract is not accepted, can I still attend the conference?

Ans: Yes, you can attend as a delegate.

Q: How do I submit my abstract?

Ans: Submit your paper using our call for abstract page or if you find any difficulty send your abstract at info@cardiologyconference.com

Q: How many abstracts we can be submitted?

Ans: Maximum 2 abstracts for Poster and One abstract for oral and Speaker.

Q: I am the co-author of a paper can I present the work.

Ans:With the consent of the main author, co-author can present their work.

Q: Do I need to submit an abstract to attend the conference?

Ans:No, you can directly register as a delegate

Q: Is there is any Best Oral and poster prize?

Ans: Best posters will be awarded at the closing ceremony of the conference.

Q: How we will know we had successfully registered?

Ans: When you have successfully registered for a meeting, you will receive e-tickets via e-mail. Keep this safe! - You will need to refer to it for confirming your presence at the meeting.

Q: Do you organise individual airport transfers for participants?

Ans: Every attendee is responsible to take care of their own transport, if there is any free shuttle service the info will be share to you prior by the program managers.

Q: Can you send me a invitation letter for my visa and leave application?

Ans: Individuals that require an official letter of invitation in order to obtain leave or visa to attend the meeting must first register for the meeting and then request a Letter of Invitation via email by writing to us at info@cardiologyconference.com

Details to be sent for letter of invitation:

1. Full name
2. Affiliation
3. Contact details
4. Purpose of visit: Speaker/Delegate.